Best Business Ideas for 2019: 10 Proven Ways to Start Your Business from Scratch

Sooner or later, the desire to start a business visits almost any person. The main obstacles to fulfilling the desired dream are the lack of initial capital and a clear business plan for the future business. Lack of entrepreneurial experience is not a hindrance, since entrepreneurship skills can be acquired in the course of developing and promoting your business. The main thing is to decide what kind of business is best to do.

Best Business Ideas of 2019 – Read this article for ten proven ways to start your business from scratch without an impressive start-up capital.

10. Manufacture of furniture at home

Home furniture manufacturing is one of the best business ideas of 2019. Not everyone likes the assortment of furniture in stores – many buyers prefer to order it for themselves. This is where you can build your business. In order to make furniture, you do not need to have a large production facility and special equipment. It is enough to find a small room (a room in an apartment, garage or rented space) and purchase the minimum necessary tools. Now for the production of furniture, they mainly use chipboard, MDF, laminated chipboard and much less often – solid wood. All materials can be bought on the construction market. Sawing plates into parts can be ordered from an organization that has a special machine.

9. Business for dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets

Top Business Ideas of 2019: Upholstered Furniture and Carpet Dry Cleaning Business… There is upholstered furniture and carpets in almost every house and apartment. Over time, no matter how carefully the owner treats the furniture, the fabric surface becomes dirty. In addition to dirt, dangerous microorganisms – dust mites – settle on furniture and carpets. It is extremely difficult to completely clean furniture on our own, so the business of dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets is relevant. But there is one aspect – it can be successfully developed only in a city whose population exceeds 60-70 thousand people. It is more difficult to find clients in a small settlement, and the level of their income will not allow them to use the service of dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets. Potential clients: individuals, owners of cafes, restaurants and hotels.

8. Home delivery of food and household goods

Home delivery of groceries and household goods is another good 2019 business idea. In Europe and the United States, this business is well developed, and in the CIS countries, home delivery of food and household goods is almost an empty niche. There are many clients:

The buyer has made a large purchase of groceries, and it is difficult for him to carry them home. A courier will help to cope with the problem, who will bring the products home at the time specified by the client.

The delivery service can bring the necessary products according to the list compiled by the client. He himself does not waste time and energy on shopping.

Elderly and disabled people – for these categories of customers, such delivery will be especially important and necessary.

7. Wedding photography

Wedding photography – this business idea has been around for many years and continues to be a relevant and profitable business in 2019. But here there is one important condition – having a good camera does not guarantee the quality of pictures – you need to have a natural talent, or at least be able to use a camera. Additionally, it is a good idea to have skills in graphic editors. It is better to invest the first income in buying a good DSLR and advertising. This will give more orders from which you can choose the highest paying. If you have good income, you can hire an assistant.

6. Loader services

Loader services are one of the most relevant and promising business ideas of 2019. There are several areas in this business:

  • apartment and office moving;
  • provision of loader services for organizations (production, warehouses, etc.);
  • loader services for carrying heavy things.

Your best bet is to choose one of the above niches and provide professional services.

This business is good for newbies who don’t have significant start-up capital.

5. Repair services

Top business ideas of 2019 include renovation services . You can even start a business on small and large repairs alone. To be successful, you need to work conscientiously in this area of ​​business. Excellent quality of work is a guarantee that the client will recommend you to relatives and friends. The business associated with repair services has great prospects – with a competent approach, it can be developed to a full-fledged repair organization.

4. YouTube video channel

The video channel on YouTube is one of the actively developing business ideas in recent years. Even housewives open their YouTube channels, and this suggests that this type of business is becoming more and more popular and in the future can bring good income. The main thing is to regularly create videos on relevant topics that are of interest to viewers. YouTube has over 50 million users in Russia alone. The more views a video has, the more money you can get from your channel. The profit comes from users viewing the advertisements included in the video.

3. Development of mobile applications

Mobile app development is another promising business idea for 2019.

There are many ideas for creating mobile programs – these can be games, educational and educational applications for children, programs for organizing a workflow. To create a mobile application, you need a small team consisting of a programmer, designer, marketer and tester. It is quite possible to combine all these professions if you have programming skills. The popular game Cut The Rope, downloaded by millions of users, was created by two Russian developers – the Voinov brothers.

2. Hostels

The best business ideas of 2019 are hostels . This business idea is primarily relevant for tourist and large cities. Not everyone can afford to spend a lot of money on expensive hotels. A small, cozy hostel with an affordable price is the best solution for tourists or city guests who have come on business. This type of business does not require large expenses. The main thing is to respect your customers and provide them with a comfortable and clean room for rest and accommodation.

1. Vending machines

Vending machines are a hot business idea of ​​2019. It has great prospects. Vending machines do not need constant supervision, all that is needed is to fill them with goods on time and collect money. Almost everything can be sold through vendin machines – from drinks and snacks to flowers, milk and pizza. The machines should be placed in places with a daily large flow of people. The disadvantage of this business idea is the availability of initial capital for the purchase of a vending machine. The average price for them is about 100-200 thousand rubles.