10 best budget monitors for 2020-2021

A good monitor is a guarantee of a comfortable pastime at the computer and preservation of health. A bad screen negatively affects vision and vice versa – the lower the diagonal, the better (up to 22 diagonal). It is a mistake to think that good monitors can only be among the expensive models – it is quite possible to find a decent one for a small price. Fortunately, many shoppers are eager to share their shopping experience with Web users to help people avoid buying that they later regret. If you are looking for the best budget monitor – you are in the right place! We will try to choose it together, and customer reviews will help us with this.

10. AOC e970Swn

Screen diagonal : 18.5

Price : 6 089 rub.

Pleased with the cost – AOC e970Swn compares favorably with other budget models. What is the advantage of the monitor? It works flawlessly for a long time, the image cannot be called perfect, but it’s a sin to find fault with such a price, it is great for work purposes.

The picture is pleasant for the eyes, it does not make an eyesore, and the design, as customers note, is excellent! The monitor assembles quickly and without problems, the main thing is that the leg does not wobble (this is a problem with many monitors). The kit includes a power cable and VGA. And you can also note the lightness and compactness – it can be easily carried.

9. Aopen 22MX1Qbii

Screen diagonal : 21.5

Price : 7 080 rub.

It’s hard to say that the Aopen 22MX1Qbii monitor has an ideal picture for 2020 , but for the money it is very happy. The advantages of this model: a large screen and an abundance of settings that you can play with when you get bored.

In order not to hurt the eyes, buyers advise to remove the blackout in the settings immediately after purchase, it gives a black and gray effect. It’s a pleasure to play on the Aopen 22MX1Qbii monitor – it has a pleasant viewing angle, you can turn on a movie and watch it from any angle, you won’t see any blackouts. The plastic cover is also pleasing – no dust settles on the monitor even after 2 months.

8. Philips 203V5LSB26

Screen diagonal : 19.5

Price : 5 900 p.

Are you a person with a modest budget? Let’s say there are many of us. For those who cannot shell out a large sum for a monitor, the Philips 203V5LSB26 fits perfectly, besides, it has a 19.5 screen diagonal – not bad indicators.

Unfortunately, this model lacks height and tilt control, you need to look straight ahead, and there is no HDMI input, but this is not a priority for everyone. The monitor is suitable for an office and an ordinary apartment, for a user with minimal requirements. If you are eager to master new items – of course, it is better to look at another model. This monitor, according to buyers, can ruin the eyes, so after purchase you need to immediately improve the image – this is possible with the help of settings.

7. HP 19k

Screen diagonal : 18.5

Price : 4 990 p.

The HP 19k monitor is matte, the eyes (what is most important!) Do not get tired and the screen does not glare. Pleased with the budget price and bright colors. Of the minuses, a small viewing angle can be distinguished, in fact it is less than stated. There is nothing special in this model, it is suitable for work.

The monitor is convenient and compact, it lasts a long time. You can even shake the table (but you will hardly need to do this), thanks to the good leg, the monitor stands level and does not slip. Flexible and multiple setting allows you to choose the optimal parameters for comfortable work so that your eyes do not get tired. The monitor works without any problem.

6. DELL E1920H

Screen diagonal : 18.5

Price : 5 690 rub.

The DELL E1920H monitor is a convenient model for everyday work with a display based on a TN matrix. The choice of a monitor with a TN matrix is ​​an indispensable criterion for a person who plans to play modern games every day, for example, shooters.

The monitor has a neat appearance, a desktop stand is included, and it can also be mounted on a wall bracket. When the mode is on, the monitor emits a hum – this moment can be frustrating, but maybe not all DELL E1920H monitors emit it? It is better to check the monitor on the spot, and in case of unpleasant factors, refuse to purchase.

5. Acer V206HQLBb

Screen diagonal : 19.5

Price : 5 448 rub.

Buyers have a conflicting opinion about the Acer V206HQLBb monitor – not everyone likes the color rendition. The colors are faded, and if you decide to process photos in Photoshop, you are unlikely to be able to do it. It is impossible to assess the image adequately.

The main advantage of this model is, of course, the price. This monitor is suitable for office work, but hardly for gaming and professional retouching. I would also like to warn about the discrepancy between the parameters: the sellers’ specifications indicate 1600 × 900, although in fact it is 1366×768. If you are not a pretentious person, try purchasing – maybe you will enjoy working at the monitor.

4. Asus VS197DE

Screen diagonal : 18.5

Price : 6 290 r.

“Inexpensive and lightweight” is what buyers say about the Asus VS197DE monitor . Their overall impression of the purchase remained good, bright and juicy colors, contrast and, of course, the price please. In reality, the monitor looks smaller than in the photo, but this can be taken as a highlight of this monitor.

The monitor looks expensive, and for many it is very important to make a good impression on themselves. Even the thought does not come to mind that the monitor was bought at a low price! On the table, it does not take up much space and fits into the space ergonomically. If you are looking for a good quality budget monitor – be sure to consider purchasing the Asus VS197DE.

3. Dahua DHL19-F501

Screen diagonal : 18.5

Price : 6 590 r.The Dahua DHL19-F501 monitor is intended for home use (games, work), but can be useful for video surveillance from cameras. In terms of brightness, the picture is decent enough, you can climb in the settings to create the optimal color.

Contrast and bright colors allow the gamer to play games, the picture will be quite adequate. The monitor is located on a convenient stand (there is a possibility of installation on the wall, which will help free up space on the table). There are buttons on the body of the model, thanks to which it is convenient to configure. There is a VGA connector.

2. Acer K192HQLb

Screen diagonal : 18.5

Price : 6 058 rub.

Rich colors and inexpensive price make the Acer K192HQLb monitor one of the best budget options. Many buyers have been using this monitor for over a year and say they are completely satisfied with the quality.

The technique fully justifies its cost – it is difficult to find a better solution for such a low price. If you take a monitor for work, it will definitely suit you, but if you are an avid gamer who cares about the most realistic picture, you will rather be disappointed. The screen gives off blue, and not everyone likes it. I am glad that with prolonged use, the eyes do not get tired of the monitor.

1. HP V19

Screen diagonal : 18.5

Price : 4,999 rubles.

It would seem, how can a monitor for such a low price satisfy with its characteristics? It turns out yes! The HP V19 is a godsend . The monitor has a function to enhance the background brightness, adjust the vertical angle, and the menu has an abundance of settings.

When working at a computer for a long time, the eyes do not get tired at all. The bright display and compact size make this monitor one of the best budget options available. Since the model is very compact, you can save desk space. The screen cover of the monitor is matte. Such coverage is good for people who spend a lot of time at the computer.